Table information for 'ivoa.emptyobscore'


Table Description: An empty table having all columns of the obscore table. Useful internally, and sometimes for tricky queries.

This table is not available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: Definition and support code for the ObsCore data model and table.

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource '__system__/obscore'

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  title={Untitled Resource},
  author={Could be same as},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {CDN} VO Server}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
dataproduct_type Dataproduct_type High level scientific classification of the data product, taken from an enumeration N/A meta.code.class
dataproduct_subtype Dataproduct_subtype Data product specific type N/A meta.code.class
calib_level Calib_level Amount of data processing that has been applied to the data [Note calib] N/A meta.code;obs.calib
obs_collection Obs_collection Name of a data collection (e.g., project name) this data belongs to N/A
obs_id Obs_id Unique identifier for an observation N/A
obs_title Obs_title Free-from title of the data set N/A meta.title;obs
obs_publisher_did Obs_publisher_did Dataset identifier assigned by the publisher. N/A meta.ref.ivoid
obs_creator_did Obs_creator_did Dataset identifier assigned by the creator. N/A
access_url Access_url The URL at which to obtain the data set. N/A meta.ref.url
access_format Access_format MIME type of the resource at access_url N/A meta.code.mime
access_estsize Access_estsize Estimated size of data product kbyte phys.size;meta.file
target_name Target_name Object a targeted observation targeted N/A;src
target_class Target_class Class of the target object (star, QSO, ...) N/A src.class
s_ra S_ra RA of (center of) observation, ICRS deg pos.eq.ra
s_dec S_dec Dec of (center of) observation, ICRS deg pos.eq.dec
s_fov S_fov Approximate spatial extent for the region covered by the observation deg phys.angSize;instr.fov
s_region S_region Region covered by the observation, as a polygon N/A pos.outline;obs.field
s_resolution S_resolution Best spatial resolution within the data set arcsec pos.angResolution
t_min T_min Lower bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD d time.start;obs.exposure
t_max T_max Upper bound of times represented in the data set, as MJD d time.end;obs.exposure
t_exptime T_exptime Total exposure time s time.duration;obs.exposure
t_resolution T_resolution Minimal significant time interval along the time axis s time.resolution
em_min Em_min Minimal wavelength represented within the data set m em.wl;stat.min
em_max Em_max Maximal wavelength represented within the data set m em.wl;stat.max
em_res_power Em_res_power Spectral resolving power lambda/delta lamda N/A spect.resolution
o_ucd O_ucd UCD for the product's observable N/A meta.ucd
pol_states Pol_states List of polarization states in the data set N/A meta.code;phys.polarization
facility_name Facility_name Name of the facility at which data was taken N/A;
instrument_name Instrument_name Name of the instrument that produced the data N/A;instr
s_xel1 S_xel1 Number of elements (typically pixels) along the first spatial axis. N/A meta.number
s_xel2 S_xel2 Number of elements (typically pixels) along the second spatial axis. N/A meta.number
t_xel T_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the time axis. N/A meta.number
em_xel Em_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the spectral axis. N/A meta.number
pol_xel Pol_xel Number of elements (typically pixels) along the polarization axis. N/A meta.number
s_pixel_scale S_pixel_scale Sampling period in world coordinate units along the spatial axis arcsec phys.angSize;instr.pixel
em_ucd Em_ucd Nature of the product's spectral axis (typically, em.freq, em.wl, or N/A meta.ucd
preview Preview URL of a preview (low-resolution, quick-to-retrieve representation) of the data. N/A meta.ref.url;meta.preview
source_table Source_table Name of a TAP-queriable table this data originates from. This source table usually provides more information on the the data than what is given in obscore. See the TAP_SCHEMA of the originating TAP server for details. N/A;meta.table

Columns that are parts of indices are marked like this.


The following services may use the data contained in this table:


VO nerds may sometimes need VOResource XML for this table.


Note calib

The calib_level flag takes the following values:

0 Raw Instrumental data requiring instrument-specific tools
1 Instrumental data processable with standard tools
2 Calibrated, science-ready data without instrument signature
3 Enhanced data products (e.g., mosaics)