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Table Description: FR606 Pulsar Monitoring database metadata, including PSRFITS, PSRCHIVE files and summary plots.

This table is available for ADQL queries and through the TAP endpoint.

Resource Description: Nancay LOFAR-FR606 station observation database

For a list of all services and tables belonging to this table's resource, see Information on resource 'Nancay LOFAR-FR606 station observation database'

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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
nbin Nbin Number of pulse phase bins N/A N/A
nchan Nchan Number of frequency channels N/A N/A
npol Npol Number of polarizations N/A N/A
nsubint Nsubint Number of sub-integrations N/A N/A
obs_type Obs_type Observation type N/A N/A
obs_site Obs_site Telescope name N/A N/A
obs_host Obs_host Observatory name N/A N/A
obs_id Obs_id Original observation id N/A N/A
obs_collection Obs_collection Collection name N/A N/A
src_name Src_name Source name N/A N/A
src_ra Src_ra Source RA deg N/A
src_dec Src_dec Source Dec deg N/A
freq_ctr Freq_ctr Centre frequency MHz N/A
freq_min Freq_min Minimum frequency MHz N/A
freq_max Freq_max Maximum frequency MHz N/A
bandwidth Bandwidth Spectral bandwidth MHz N/A
dm Dm Dispersion measure pc/cm3 N/A
rm Rm Rotation measure rad/m2 N/A
dmc Dmc Dispersion corrected pc/cm3 N/A
rmc Rmc Faraday Rotation corrected rad/m2 N/A
polc Polc Polarization calibrated N/A N/A
scale Scale Data units N/A N/A
state State Data state N/A N/A
calib_level Calib_level Calibration level (CODMAC) N/A N/A
obs_ucd Obs_ucd UCD of observed quantity N/A N/A
product_type Product_type Data product type N/A N/A
obs_duration Obs_duration Observation duration s N/A
time_min Time_min Start time of observation N/A time.epoch;stat.min
time_max Time_max End time of observation N/A time.epoch;stat.max
t_exptime T_exptime Exposure time s N/A
t_resolution T_resolution Temporal resolution s N/A
dspsr_soft Dspsr_soft Reduction software identifier N/A N/A
dspsr_ntot Dspsr_ntot Total number of time samples N/A N/A
dspsr_nblock Dspsr_nblock Number of time samples per block N/A N/A
dspsr_nover Dspsr_nover Number of time samples in block overlap N/A N/A
dspsr_state Dspsr_state State of the input timeseries N/A N/A
dspsr_nfft Dspsr_nfft Number of time samples in each FFT N/A N/A
dspsr_npos Dspsr_npos Number of time samples in positive wrap N/A N/A
dspsr_nneg Dspsr_nneg Number of time samples in negative wrap N/A N/A
dspsr_nchan Dspsr_nchan Number of frequency channels N/A N/A
dspsr_fres Dspsr_fres Frequency resolution factor N/A N/A
dspsr_tres Dspsr_tres Time resolution factor N/A N/A
dspsr_tint Dspsr_tint Time integration factor N/A N/A
dspsr_scale Dspsr_scale Final scale factor N/A N/A
rcvr_name Rcvr_name Receiver name N/A N/A
rcvr_basis Rcvr_basis Basis of receptors N/A N/A
rcvr_hand Rcvr_hand Hand of receptor basis N/A N/A
rcvr_sa Rcvr_sa Symmetry angle of receptor basis N/A N/A
rcvr_rph Rcvr_rph Reference source phase N/A N/A
rcvr_fdc Rcvr_fdc Receptor basis corrected N/A N/A
rcvr_prc Rcvr_prc Receptor projection corrected N/A N/A
rcvr_ta Rcvr_ta Tracking angle of feed N/A N/A
be_name Be_name Name of the backend instrument N/A N/A
be_phase Be_phase Phase convention of backend N/A N/A
be_dcc Be_dcc Downconversion conjugation corrected N/A N/A
be_phc Be_phc Phase convention corrected N/A N/A
be_delay Be_delay Backend propn delay from digi. input. N/A N/A
file_name File_name Filename N/A
psrfits_url Psrfits_url PSRFITS file N/A meta.file
psrchive_url Psrchive_url PSRCHIVE file N/A meta.file
summary_url Summary_url Summary plot N/A meta.file
thumbnail_url Thumbnail_url Thumbnail image N/A meta.file

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